5 Things You Need to Know About Heavy Metal Poisoning

Heavy metal poisoning is not something that’s talked about a lot. Unfortunately, you may think you’re suffering from it, or someone you know is. We talked about everything you need to know below.

Children Are the Most Vulnerable

Heavy metal poisoning is not very common. Most people know to avoid substances and situations that expose them to the toxins. Children are not aware of these things, which is why they’re the most susceptible.

Older homes tend to have paint with lead. With a child around the premises, they might put the chipped paint in their mouth.  

It’s Easy to Test

Knowing whether you have been poisoned or not is easy. In fact, you don’t need to visit the hospital to check. There are kits that work similar to pH blood tests. If you’re looking for a heavy metal practitioner test kit Australia lets you easily purchase them online.

But if you do not want to do the testing at home, you can visit a hospital and get a thorough look at your kidneys, liver and urine done.

It’s Not Always Dangerous

When people think of metals like mercury and cadmium in their blood, they think of death. This is not the case. Most people suffer from mild cases of heavy metal poisoning. The best way to treat it is by monitoring your food and the places you visit – they’re done to prevent you from being exposed to more of the metal.

If you do have a more serious case, all is not lost. You will have to undergo chelation therapy. You’ll be ingesting pills or taking an injection that causes chelators to bind to the toxins in your system.

Cigarettes Have Cadmium

You don’t need us to tell you how harmful smoking is. Not only does it cause cancer and fill your lungs with tar, but cigarettes are full of metals like cadmium. Regularly smoking would lead the metal to passing into your blood through the alveoli.

Your Diet Could Be Poisoning You

Most of the time, people get heavy metal poisoning thanks to their diet. Arsenic is known to be in contaminated water. Unfortunately, your local council may not be doing a good job filtering the area’s water supply. You can find arsenic in seaweed and algae too.

Although not as common, lead can be found in water as well. You can also find the toxin in fish that have been living in the water. You could be careful about where you buy your seafood from. However, restaurants you visit may be using seafood from areas contaminated with lead.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to heavy metals, there are many ways you can be exposed to them. Children are the most suspectable as they tend to not know how dangerous the toxins can be. You’ll reduce your chances of making yourself sick by not living in an old home – it most likely has paint with lead inside of it. Not smoking would keep you safe too. Cigarettes are known to be loaded with cadmium.

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