5 Ways to Declutter Your Closet Space

If you are in need of decluttering your closet space, do not worry – we got you! Read on to find how simple hacks could help you have better closet space.

Load out everything in your closest

You need to first load out everything in your closet, yes everything. You do not want to have pieces of clothing hiding inside your wardrobe when you are trying to let some of them go.

You have to prepare yourself to know that this will take some time.

Take out big donation bags

You need to use some big bags to fill the clothes you would not use into donation bags. This way you will know that even though you are getting rid of them, someone else would benefit from it. They are still clothes after all.

Some of the clothing that have holes or other damages that you feel cannot be sent in to someone else could still be put in another big bag but to throw out. So, in all you need different bags for two purposes to give and to throw.

Sort out your clothing by colour

An easy way to take out clothing form your closest is to put them back with a colour scheme, this way you will be able to find all your whites in one side, blacks and other colours easily!

Seasonal changes

You could also change in your closet to suite each season, this way you will need to continuously clean your wardrobe so it would not get de-cluttered again!


Once you throw away your clothing, you need to know that before you do invest in clothing that you aren’t keeping a chunk of your clothing back because of sentimental value, keep perhaps just 1.

After that you could check out clothing labels to buy new clothing. Try to find items that don’t change during seasons.

Rid sentimental value

As mentioned before, getting rid of sentimental pieces will do your closest a heap of good! There could be old and ragged pieces of clothing hanging in your closest that you would never ever wear, just for keep sakes! Unless super important – get rid of them!

Don’t hold onto clothing, this will make it hard to de clutter and give away your belongings!


Make the best out of the storage you have, you could even try fitting in shoes or bags you do not use on a everyday outing, in a little box in your closet.

For you to get there, de-cluttering is important.

Build a new storage

If you are running out space in your current closet, you need to build a smaller one for your everyday outfits. Do not feel afraid to set aside or save money for things that are needed for practical use. This is the best way to avoid an over load of clothing in your closest, that will repeat in another de-cluttering session.

De clutter other areas in your room

If you have managed to de-clutter your closet, you could try doing the same with your desk space and other items in your room! You will great after.

If you take in a few tips from this article you will be able to handle a clutter free closest in no time!

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