6 Ways to Improve a Retail Store’s Foot Traffic

If you want more customers to enter your store, you’ve come to the right place. All the best things you could do are talked about below. Let’s get to it.

Window Displays

Window displays show people walking by the best of what you offer. You’re advised to take your time with what you put up. Look at the pieces that are currently in trend. Having them or similar items on the display would make more people want to enter the premises.

Don’t just leave the display in place once you‘ve installed it. Regularly change the items. The set-up needs to regularly be cleaned too – dust would be a problem.


Speaking of luring people inside, your store sign would do this. If it looks good, people would be tempted to check you out.

At the very least, they would remember who you are. If they ever need something that you can offer, they would come to you.


Why don’t you have a red carpet leading to the inside of the shop? Customers would feel like royalty. Hotels and luxury boutiques use this tactic, as it makes anyone who walks in feel special. Having a large mat that says ‘Welcome’ before the carpet rolls out would make things feel more personal.

Just don’t place any red carpet, though. Many looks cheap. You don’t want to associate this with your brand.

Customer Service

Once people are inside, how do you get them to shop a lot? Expert customer service would do the trick. Regularly train staff so that the service they offer is always high-quality.

Being surrounded by friendly, expert representatives would also make customers want to keep coming back to you. And if the local market is very saturated, you would stand out. More importantly, they would tell more people about you, increasing your traffic.

Your sales reps aren’t the only people that need to be superb. This is true for customer support as well. Someone who bought from you might have an issue with their purchase. They should feel like their issue was sorted swiftly.


Your store must look clean. Even if you have the best items and the world’s nicest sales reps, customers would turn away if they see muck and dirt all over the shop. The space must thoroughly be cleaned every day.

Your bathrooms must also be tended to. There’s nothing worse than dirty bathrooms. Create a schedule so that workers regularly tend to them.

Why not hire a commercial cleaning service every now and then? They would deep-clean the vicinity, doing a much better job than your employees. As they’re professionals, they would tend to the store in hours and ways that wouldn’t affect shopping experiences.


Probably the most sure-fire way to increase traffic is by advertising. Be mindful of the mediums you choose, though. The clothes and items you offer may cater to the youth – advertising on platforms like Instagram and Twitter would be needed. If you try and put out campaigns on Facebook, you wouldn’t get as many people; the site’s demographics tend to be older adults.

Final Thoughts

To sum all the points discussed, a lot can be done to increase the traffic to your store. From the points mentioned, the easiest would be to have a good window display.

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