Build Your New Café’s Ambience with These Tips

Starting a café does not mean just setting up your place and marketing about it. In order to stay on top of your business, you also need to ensure that it is attractive and appealing for your target audience. This is why there are creative elements that you need to add to step up the look and feel of your new café. Take a look at the following to see some creative ideas that you can try in your new business venture. 


One of the easiest ways to creative a favourable atmosphere in the café is through the wall decoration. Depending on the theme you prefer, there are many decoration ideas that you can adapt when decorating your walls. For example, if you prefer a vintage café look, you can add a brick wall decor or covering the walls with old newspaper. For a funkier vibe you can add a wall of graffiti, street art, black board walls with chalk scribbles and doodles are all in trend now.

If you want to add a more traditional appearance goes for the classic wall paintings or photographs. Either way, never keep your walls bare. It’s one of the easiest ways to bring out your café’s theme.

Framed Decoration

Frames of different shapes and sizes are another trendy décor idea that you can try. Framing quotes from famous people, classics or pop culture and displaying them is a common decoration idea that is loved by everyone. Another idea is to get old photo frames and use them simply as wall art.


Wall décor and displays alone will not determine the ambience of your café. The furniture you choose also help you to set its theme and make appealing. Firstly, choose comfortable furniture where your customers can sit back and relax.

Secondly, the type of furniture you choose depend on the type of café you want to build. Do you want to add wooden furniture? Or do you want to add a cosy sofa or two for the customers to rest and enjoy a conversation. Do you want to do a mix of both? Or do you prefer more modern furniture to build a contemporary look? Think of how you can use furniture to refine the looks of the café.

Plates, Mugs and Cutlery

When it comes to choosing these items, remember to match them with the rest of the theme. For example, if you prefer an eco-friendlier theme, you can choose reusable mugs/ glasses and plates along with paper cups, and packaging for take-out. Using eco-friendly materials is one of the common 2020 food packaging trends as well. How can you make these items creative and not look like your everyday restaurant? Try items such as wicker baskets or paper trays for presenting your food.

Cafes are a popular business idea when it comes to small ventures. Therefore, the trick to stay ahead of the competition is to find items that the crowds love and adapting them to your own place. Choose trendy items but make it your own so they do not look common and overused.

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