How to Protect Religious Institutions?

No matter what religion you follow, security has become a huge risk for all sacred places and especially religious institutions. From direct attacks to simple issues that pose security threats, religious institutions are in continuous risk nowadays. This has turned religious institutions from places of peace to chaos. 

In truth nowadays engaging in worshipping activities in religious institutions has become thought of doubt, because of all the breakouts, attacks, and all things risking security. So, if you’re part of a religious institution, place, or activity, here are few things you can recommend to protect such places and keep them secure. 

Form a dedicated security team

Now although this may sound complicated to do, you can easily do this in two ways. Pay for a security team and get them on mass congregations or occasions. If not, find people who have experience in the military, law enforcement, or security in the congregation and ask them if they would help to provide security. Let this team of people know of security protocols or anything else they need to know to keep congregations safe. 

Be prepared for emergencies 

As much as religious organizations focus on protecting it’s equally important to focus on facing emergencies. Medical professionals, firefighters, and anyone who has emergency training can make up a good team for such emergencies. You can even try to keep in contact with such professionals who will join a congregation and contact them duly when needed. 

However, as a part of preparing for emergencies take appropriate coverage or programs that’ll protect any liabilities that will befall religious institutions. Church public liability insurance and similar coverage are reliable options you can consider for this purpose. 

Conduct a threat assessment

You can do this with the help of a security consultant. This assessment checks your religious institution’s vulnerability and related security issues. Also, this assessment will help a lot in identifying potential risks, weak areas you need to consider and also provide you appropriate recommendations on how you can make your property more secure and safe for worshippers. 

If you’re one of those institutions that are trying to look up to your facility’s security issues, a threat assessment can be an ideal place to start with. 

Train the security team and provide them with relevant equipment 

You can conduct specific training programs for the security team you form. The training can include giving a detailed overview of the security plan and assigning a role for each member of the team. The training is recommended to include emergency training as well such as first-aid and CPR.

Providing equipment on the other hand calls for an effective walkie-talkie system, which can support efficient communication. Failing to ensure this can cause communication issues in real-time during emergencies. 

Assuring total security to religious institutions on a global scale is doubtful. But as a step towards it, we can take these small steps within our local religious institutions and places. Doing this can at least redeem back the security trust issues worshippers have among religious institutions. However, while executing or implementing these, it’s equally important to make sure you are maintaining them accordingly. 

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