Ways to Spice Up Your Sex Life

With time, you need to accept that your sexual libido is decreasing. You don’t feel the need as before however, this can be detrimental for your relationship. Sexual intimacy is vital for the success of the relationship or marriage. Unmet desires can cause frustration which may lead to much serious issues in the relationship so here are some tips to make sure your sex life is spiced-up.

Bet on presentation

This goes for couples who live under the same roof yet haven’t really felt it with each other for a few weeks. To get you in the mood, and if you want to change from your usual rituals, put on a lingerie set, a seductive costume, start some music, place candles around you, a nightdress in which you feel beautiful in; whatever detail inspires you, go for it.

Discover one fantasy per week

Sexuality coaches explains that one of the ways to keep the flame of someone that we see every day, every hour, is by the experimenting of new things. This gives you the opportunity to explore your hidden fantasies . Once a week, tell yourself that you will satisfy one of your wildest and satisfy the wishes of the one who shares your life. Leave room for your imagination, tell your partner what you like to try and ask them too. Communicate and fulfill each other’s fantasies.

Test the remote-controlled sex toys

Don’t be afraid to use some toys. Many are under the impression that using toys means one’s partner is incapable of sexually satisfying him or her. That is quite wrong. Toys can be used to amplify the satisfaction, not as a substitute. Having remote controlled toys will give your partner the opportunity to control the stimulation. Isn’t that sexy?

Try the novelty

Instead of settling for a classic same-old routine, which has certainly proven its worth in the past, innovate. Opt for porn that slides into uncharted waters for porn fans, switch fingers to the sextoy and vice versa, open your ears to erotic podcasts. Have you used food for pleasure? Not yet? Start now! Grab some whipped cream, maple syrup or ice cubes. Eat foods that increase your libido. Organic maca powder is a natural ingredient that is believed to increase libido in adults. Try it.

Make good use of your vocabulary

Sexting has never been so popular. It sets the stage for when you get to see this person in real life. You’ve had all those rich, sexual conversations about what you love in bed, what you want to do to each other, what are some boundaries you set etc. 

Some topics that may seem uncomfortable talking up-close may be easier through text. It gives you the freedom to say thing that you won’t have the courage to say out loud, face to face. So, use your texts wisely. A word of advice: record the best passages and save them for later. You can always go back and read them when you feel like it.

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